/ Cantano pe' tramente / … | SEARCH | Email Santa Lucia! Reštaurácia Santa Lucia patrí už roky medzi obľúbené miesta, kde sa návštevníci môžu nie len výborne najesť, ale zároveň pocítiť atmosféru klubu s vynikajúcou hudbou. Santa Lucia! (Refrängen) Drömmar med vingesus under oss sia, tänd dina vita ljus, Sankta Lucia. Santa Lucia! Days here are heavenly, Nights are pure ecstasy, Santa lucia, santa lucia! Seht, welch ein Abend! Santa Lucia! The lyrics are the words of a boatman describing the view from Santa Lucia: It is night and the moon is reflected in the sea. Text: Theodoro Cottrau (1865) aus Neapel ( Napoli ) Italien , deutscher Text Adolf Kunz ? Come to my swifty boat! Seht welch ein Abend heut wehn die Lüfte so kühl und labend Mein Nachen harret hier kommt, steiget ein zu mir Santa Lucia. Kom i din vita skrud, huld med din maning. :| |: Oh, warum zaudert ihr? (There is also a different Neapolitan song transcribed by Cottreau into Italian as "Santa Lucia"; "Santa Lucia Luntana" is sometimes referred to as "Santa Lucia", leading to confusion.) Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia! tänd dina vita ljus, Sankta Lucia. Довідник з вимови: Дізнайтеся, як вимовляється слово Santa Lucia (Італійська) носієм мови. | Hymns    Kommt, steiget ein zu mir! There are no grave demands, to quench desire, Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia Songtext. Der Golf ist schon ent-schwu-u-u-un-den. This is the singing of the Sirens That weave yet their nets. :| La tenna è posta pe' fà 'na cenaE quanno stace la panza chiena,Non c'è la minema melanconia!Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia's Day is celebrated on December 13th in Sweden. The fresh wind makes breathe.For who wants to sweep across the sea,My fast boat is ready!Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. Ort süßer Freuden! | Genealogy Drömmar med vingesus under oss sia, tänd dina vita ljus, Sankta Lucia. SANTA LUCIA, one of the most famous Neapolitan songs, is an ode dedicated to the city of Naples and to the Santa Lucia area which faces the Gulf of Naples. With this …    So kühl und labend. ( so in: Albvereins-Liederbuch Many cultures still celebrate the winter solstice at this time with ‘festivals of light’. Santa lucia, santa lucia Venite all'argine Barchette mie Santa lucia, santa lucia Soft winds caress the sea, Breezes so tender, Make every dancing wave, Gladly surrender! Pozzo accostare la varca mia?Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. | Ahnenforschung Neapel, Borgo Santa Lucia um 1840 Cottrau publizierte das Lied 1849 als Barkarole in neapolitanischer Mundart und übersetzte es in der Folge während des Risorgimento ins Italienische . |. Santa Lucia Luntana Lyrics: Santa Lucia luntana / Partono 'e bastimente / Pe' terre assaje luntane... / Cántano a buordo: / Só' Napulitane! The girl dressed as Santa Lucia wakes the other members of the family and serves them biscuits cooked the previous day. The Lyrics for Santa Lucia by Svingenkoret have been translated into 1 languages Når mørket er som mørkest, Og ingen klokke slår. : 11 The range forms the steepest coastal slope in the contiguous United States. Translate Santa lucia. 'Sto viento frisco fa risciatare. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. Ort süßer Freuden! Santa Lucia luntana Partono 'e bastimente pe' terre assaje luntane... Cántano a buordo: só' Napulitane! |: Fröhlicher Liederschall Santa Lucia! Though long may be the night, hope, she is bringing, Hear now, the maid in white, silently winging, Hushed wonder in the air, Lights glowing in her hair, Santa Lucia! Enrico Caruso Liedtext: Santa Lucia: Sul mare luccica l’astro d’argento. Con questo zeffiro così soave, oh! It commemorates the life of Santa Lucia, who is also known as Saint Lucy. Cantano pe' tramente 'o golfo giá scumpare, e 'a luna, 'a miez'ô mare, nu poco 'e Napule lle fa vedé... Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia, you are situated Just a little on the sea, But the farther you are, The prettier you seem! The awning is tightened for a supperAnd when your paunch is filled,There's no melancholy!Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia (Sul mare luccia l'astro d'argento) Santa Lucia! Chi vò spassarse jenno pe' mare È pronta e lesta la varca mia! Heut wehn die Lüfte er-in-nert an ihr schö-nes Na-po-li... San-ta Lu-ci-a, so fern von hier! Okrem toho aktuálne hudobné správy, profily interpretov, mp3 ukážky piesní. Santa Lucia, Distant from you, What a melancholy! The Santa Lucia Mountains or Santa Lucia Range is a rugged mountain range in coastal central California, running from Carmel southeast for 140 miles (230 km) to the Cuyama River in San Luis Obispo County.The range is never more than 11 miles (18 km) from the coast. The world are revolving, One can go for searching for fortune But when the moon rises Far away from Naples One can't stay! Can I moor my boat*?Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. Skänk oss, du julens brud, julfröjders aning. Англійський переклад слова Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia! :| |: Fröhlicher Liederschall Tönt in Dir überall. Santa Lucia Lyrics: Sul mare luccica / L'astro d'argento / Placida e' l'onda / Prospero e' il vento / Venite all'agile / Barchetta mia / Santa Lucia / Santa Lucia Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. About Santa Lucia "Santa Lucia Luntana" is a Neapolitan song written by E. A. Mario in 1919. Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. Die Notenschleuder Die Haupt-Sammlung mit handverlesenen Stücken. Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia station. Su passeggeri venite via! :| Ich sehn’ mich so nach dir! Comme se fricceca la luna chiena!Lo mare ride, ll'aria è serena!Vuje che facite 'mmiez'a la via?Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. Here in Italy, the 13th of December is the festival of Santa Lucia, a day which, in many countries of the northern hemisphere, used to be considered the shortest of the year. Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. :| |: Mein Nachen harret hier, Kommt, steiget ein zu mir! Santa Lucia je světově proslulá neapolská píseň, která oslavuje malebný neapolský rybářský přístav Borgo Santa Lucia a rybář v ní zve kolemjdoucí na nádherný večerní výlet lodí po Neapolském zálivu pod zářícími hvězdami.. Původní text v neapolštině napsal roku 1776 baron Michele Zezza, pravděpodobně na melodii lidové písně.. In 1849 Teodoro Cottrau composed the music for the ancient verse of the 18 century. Pozzo accostare la varca mia? Santa Lucia Santa Lucia In' fra le tende Bandir la cena In una sera Così serena Chi non dimanda Chi non desia Santa Lucia Santa Lucia Mare sì placido Vento sì caro Scordar fa I triboli Al marinaio E va gridando Con allegria Santa Lucia Santa Lucia O dolce Napoli O suol beato Ove sorridere Volle il creato Tu sei l'impero Dell'armonia Santa Lucia Santa Lucia Or che … Lyrics to 'Santa Lucia' by Andrea Bocelli. Akordy a text piesne Santa Lucia na hudobnom portáli Hudba.sk. On the sea shines the silver light. | Pacific Holiday Cone Peak at 5,158 feet … Musik : Gordigiani ? | Ferienaufenthalt :|, |: Oh, warum zaudert ihr? Santa Lucia! |: Mein Nachen harret hier, | Folksongs com'è bello star sulla nave! Kennst keine Sorgen, hält man es nicht mehr aus so fern von Na-a-a-po-li…. Santa Lucia Luntana, so weit entfernt! 2. This brings back a memory from my childhood, when… Continue Reading Santa Lucia luntana Lyrics Übersetzung. So, the Italian text become the principal text of this song and "Santa Lucia" become the first Neapolitan song, translated to Italian.Santa Lucia is an historic quarter of Naples on the seacoast. Der Text preist den damals pittoresken Fischerhafen des Borgo Santa Lucia am Golf von Neapel , und zwar in den Worten eines Schiffers, der zu einem Bootsausflug in der … But in the original Neapolitan language this song had no success, therefore Cottrau decided to translate the text to Italian.The author of the Italian version of text is considered Enrico Cossovich but often the authorship is attributed to Teodoro Cottrau. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Santa Lucia Song ♫ Text ♫ Playback ♫ Gitarre ♫ Akkorde Santa Lucia C Sul mare G luccica G7 l'astro d'ar- C gento, Placida-è G l'onda, G7 prospero è il C vento (Stanza 3) Between these sails that pull, forgetting supper, Oh, pleasant skies above, how I adore you. It's the beginning of the Christmas season in Nordic countries and is a celebration of light, at the time of year when the world is darker. How is shining the full moon!The sea is laughing, the air is clear!What do you do in the middle of the street?Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. * It says: is there anyone who wants to sweep across the sea. The song is very popular in the repertoire of many singers. ... 8 Things You Didn't Know About Drake; XXXTENTACION - SAD! Beiträge: 8771 Übersetzungen, 29149 Mal gedankt, 2198 Anfragen erfüllt hat 378 Mitgliedern geholfen, hat 5 Lieder transkribiert, hat 371 Idiome hinzugefügt, hat 146 Idiome erklärt, hat 3720 Kommentare hinterlassen, hat 824 Anmerkungen hinzugefügt |: Holdes Neapel! Between these sails that pull, forgetting supper, Oh, pleasant skies above, how I adore you.    Kennst keine Leiden. Santa Lucia! | HOME PAGE 'Sto viento frisco fa risciatare.Chi vò spassarse jenno pe' mareÈ pronta e lesta la varca mia!Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. :| |: Holdes Neapel! Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.    Tönt in Dir überall. :|, | Deutsche Volkslieder "The darkness soon shall flee valleys in shadow, Sunlight I can foresee, over over the meadows, The sun will come again! Santa Lucia! Drömmar med vingesus under oss sia, tänd dina vita ljus, Sankta Lucia. 'Santa Lucia' in C oder jeder anderen Tonart - umsonst. (Official Music Video) Venite all'argine Barchette mie Santa lucia, santa lucia Santa Lucia! Bright light city gonna set my soul Gonna set my soul on fire Got a whole lot of money that's ready to burn So get those stakes up higher There's a thousand pretty women waitin' out there And they're all livin' devil may care And I'm just the devil with love to spare Kennst keine Sorgen, Kennst keine Leiden. Seht, welch ein Abend! There are no grave demands, to quench desire, Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia! Quiet is the wave favorable is the wind. Santa Lucia se poate referi la două sfinte creștine (it Santa Lucia și es Santa Lucía), la o martiră creștină și una din China, la un stat insular din Caraibe și la foarte multe localități și diviziuni administrative din diverse țări. La tenna è posta pe' fà 'na cena E quanno stace la panza chiena, Non c'è la minema melanconia! O, warum zaudert ihr? Heut wehn die Lüfte So kühl und labend. Luntano 'a te, quanta malincunia! Santa Lucia. The traditional procession from house to house is accompanied by the Luciasången (song of Saint Lucia), which is none other than the Neapolitan "Santa Lucia" with a Swedish text.

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