It can be easy to miss some important details Skill improves your Ki Pulse potency and scales with almost every weapon in the game. In this Nioh 2 Switchglaive Skills guide, we’ll tell you about all of the skills in the Switchglaive Skills Tree in Nioh 2. It allows you to dizzy your opponent with a lot of quick damage. Each category has 100 levels and requires 3,050 Samurai Skill points to max one of them as every 2 levels the skill points cost increases by 1. In my opinion, your choices here are either: Pure Skill (Typically light armor with two weapons that scale off skill) or Skill/Strength mix, and prioritizing whichever gives the biggest increase right now. What you can do at Nioh's shrines (update) By Jeffrey Parkin February 17, 2017 Nioh guide: stats, leveling up, weapon bonuses, prestige and skill points Stats Guide [Nioh] This page is a list of the core stats including their rising status and influenced weapons. In Nioh, the player will earn Skill Points over the course of adventuring that can be put to learning new and devastating Skills. List of all Odachi Skills with stats, lore, images and video demos. On this page of our guide you will find a description of the skills available in the game. The 100 level cap information was taken from a reddit post, the 3,050 Samurai skill points was something I calculated after I realized the sequence of increased skill points cost every two levels. Skill/Dexterity (Ninja Build) - So, the Kusarigama is an amazing weapon that was added to the final demo prior to Nioh's release. Nioh’s resemblance to Dark Souls doesn’t mean any existing skills will make a smooth transition. They have been divided into several categories, which affect different elements of the gameplay. Nioh Wiki guide with all weapons, armors, guardian spirits, levels, walkthrough and boss guides We will be updating this as we go along. The hero has access to many abilities and skills in NiOh 2. The world of Nioh is pretty big and often confusing, and a lot of concepts and mechanics get thrown at you fast. Odachi Skills is a skill Category in Nioh.

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